weave been sewing

Friday, March 6, 2009

lagging behind

i have really been lagging behind in the blogging stakes, haven't been recording anything of note, even though i blog constantly in my head. i think its a self-conscious thing. i am in awe of such clever bloggers (like NDM) and, while not wishing to emulate them exactly, i wouldn't mind an ounce of their wit. anyhow, enough with the PLOM....

a lovely parcel from Amitie arrived today containing some bright fabrics which brought an immediate smile to my face....especially love the transport material with the gorgeous, sparkly vans and trucks. thank you Amitie girls for your good choices and your good quality fabric. there is nothing lovelier than the feel of proper fabric.

Monday, February 9, 2009

victoria on fire

it's such an overwhelming time here in Victoria with fires still raging and so much devastation left behind. although the firewall itself was incredibly quick, the full extent of the deaths and damage to property has slowly come to light over the past two days. it is a feeling of shock. of vulnerability. the dryness of this land is astounding. my prayers are with those people who have lost their lives or lost those whom they love and those who have lost their belongings.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

FebFast 2009

i have decided its enough with the drinking!!! so i'm joining up to FebFast 2009 to keep myself honest throughout the month, with only one foreseeable hiccup on the 14th for Jo Hook's birthday. the idea here is that i will refrain from alcohol for the entire month, giving the liver and the brain cells a break and creating a new, healthier me! if you're interested in joining in too, i could really do with the competitive-type-motivation, follow the link below to find out more and to register.

Everyday Hero: FebFast 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

felt and meet me at mikes

its 43 degrees and we're talking about felt! i'm going to attempt to join in on the 'make along...' activities on the meet me at mikes blog. this month, february, is all about felt. make something using felt, photograph it and away we go....so, if you feel like joining in, follow the link and find out more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

some 80s trash

my mum has been having a clean out of her cupboards - prompted by a dancing queen who is desperate for the sheet music for ABBA that mum has kept all these years - and she came across a sewing pattern that i was mad for in the 80s. i'm pretty sure i made the 'cagoule' (has anyone, anywhere ever heard of a cagoule?), or a shortened version, the 'anorak', in a magenta polyester of course. can't quite remember which other pieces i made but the pattern has certainly made me hanker for the days of "knitwit", big hair and coloured pantyhose.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

quilt history

as this blog is going to track the quilting progress (or lack of it!), i thought i had better include some pictures of projects past and present. i began a hand-quilting class when my second daughter was only a few months old and it was 2 hours out of the house doing something for myself. didn't help the guilt situation, but i loved every minute of it. fell in love with fabric. fell in love with stitching and haven't stopped since. to the left is a quilt that is cut out and ready to be sewn, but has proven quite a trial. it is a magnificent Kaffe Fassett pattern and uses his fabrics also, but it is incredibly difficult to be precise enough to achieve proper triangles...isn't that right Tam?

this quilt is the first that i made. it's all hand done and was a great way to learn many quilting and patchwork skills. my daughter has it on her bed most nights.

this is my girl hiding under a lap quilt that i made recently for my mum. it uses her favourite colours of peach and green and lemon and i made it in celebration of her triumph over bowel cancer.

i absolutely love these purples! the lady who bought this quilt ordered another, in similar colours for her sister. both quilts were a delight to make.

a glimpse of the colour wheel quilt with the sun shining over the blues and aquas. lovers of colour.

these are some of ironing board covers i made throughout the year...a necessary evil...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

weave been sewing

here we go...the fabulous Ruby is helping me set up the very first blog entry and we are having a great time picking and choosing our way through

this week has been a week of rest. after a very busy Christmas, camping at New Year, keeping up with the children's social lives and submitting a quilt for the amitie circle challenge, i am enjoying watching some DVDs, going for walks on the beach and some quiet stitching. i've also been spring (or summer) cleaning.....tidying up the various junk areas throughout the house. its amazing what you find when you clean up! we had a fun time yesterday reminiscing while the kids pasted their art pieces, certificates, tickets and other important bits into their "special books" of memorabilia.